Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Glimpse in to the past...

I wrote this post in my private journal on July 11, 2012... I post it now (Jan 27, 2013) because it clearly reflects my frustration, disappointment and resolve to somehow make it on the Arrogant Bastard Trail Racing Team.  Thanks to the TCA building relocation being negotiated at the same time I did not actually follow though on my plan to diverge until after the fall qualifier had passed...

"Yesterday marked my first day of incorporating private specificity training.  10x100 meter sprints.  Why have I decided to diverge?  Because I have tested for the AB three times (twice officially) and missed qualifying each time... granted I'm now within 53 seconds, but since I've only gotten about a minute faster each quarter, that means I stand a chance of missing it again next quarter too.  An unacceptable possibility, since I have 2-3 races I plan to accomplish in the next six month:

9/2/12 Baldy Run to the Top
12/2/12 Ridgecrest 50k? Maybe just 30k, we'll see how far I get this next quarter
12/31/12 The Bastard?

Since the AB is TCA's only sanctioned method of gaining specificity training, I am either stuck following strict CrossFit for another quarter, or quietly diverging.  I opt for the later, on a trial, and for as long as I am still making gains in both worlds... and only for this one quarter."