Saturday, October 12, 2013

RFKR - Runner Formally Known as Roadkill

After missing the time hack on the last two Qualifiers, today I finally re-qualified for the Arrogant Bastards Trail Race Team.  But's it's not that simple... not only did I qualify... I finished with OVER a minute to spare (32:00) AND... my body fat is sub-30 AND I have not sustained ANY injuries even with an average of 7 training sessions per week (4 CF & 3 trail).  These last two months in particular have created results far beyond my wildest drunken dreams.

I suppose it would be easy to take credit for it, and maybe with some that's expected, but I truly can't.  Left to my own efforts, I fell off the team and couldn't get back on.  Only when I completely let go of all control issues and asked for help from the experts, were they able to work their magic and create such magnificent results.

First, Carla, my spiritual mentor...  I chose this photo specifically to show her fun loving, practical, earthly, and altogether bad ass side.  She's a woman whose history I completely identify with and who is living her life in a way I greatly admire.  I definitely want to be her when and if I ever grow up!

Carla has been consistently giving me tools and accountability opportunities to quiet my overactive brain and super loud ego.  First she made daily meditation mandatory and started recommending a number of perspective altering books.  Then she just sat back and waited while door after door started opening and enlightenment slowly started to dawn. She has always been there to help me work through the rough patches and climb hurdles that no amount of physical effort alone could impact.  I am so very grateful for her loving heart because these tools transfer to all facets of my daily life, making today much brighter than yesterday... and tomorrow... wow, I think I better just let it unfold in it's own time.

Everyone's journey is different, but for me, it's critical that I get quiet every single day, trust God in all his beautiful manifestations and ask Spirit to quiet my ego on a pretty much constant basis.  For me, it works and if any of my super busy-headed friends want more detail, don't hesitate to ask.

Second, Eric is my Coach and an absolute expert in his field.  I chose this photo specifically because it shows a side of him that comes out only when needed.  He is always the charismatic and demanding coach, but when appropriate, he's also that real person who creates real life skill changes... like pulling me through the final acceptance that I don't actually have to walk uphills and that I absolutely must be able to train alone.

Once I was able to quiet my ego enough to ask for his help and continue to quiet my ego enough to actually accept his help, unconditionally, he was able to work amazing magic with my body and even made serious inroads with my head.  First, increasing my caloric load and shifting the macro nutrient ratios while implementing sleep and recovery standards.  Then and only then did he set a training protocol that I was required to adhere to no matter what.  It was insanely hard and had to be performed alone, but by the time today arrived, I no longer needed a pacer and knew I had the potential to finish strong.

I am forever grateful for this Coach who always sets a standard attainable with a stretch, who always believes in me, and who always gives as much of himself as he asks of me.  He has earned my unreserved trust and now whenever he tells me to do something, I do it regardless of what my own head has to say on the subject.  Remember, my head will invariably tell me he is asking way too much from my fat, old body and while I do know better, I now have the tools and faith to ignore it. My head always lies and my Coach never does... unless of course it makes for more effective training. Ha!

Finally, after three years, I finally get to run The Bastard 50k in roughly 10 weeks.  My head of course says there's nowhere near enough time to train for such distance, but I know better, because my Coach says it can be done and I believe him.

So, it's now time to really STFU and train!

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