Saturday, December 7, 2013

Follow the penis...

Follow the what?!  Yep, you heard me correctly.  Penis.   Or at least that's what the four strategically positioned "arrows" most resembled...  And, what's with this Chihuahua marker!?

I've been looking forward to this morning's run all week... weather was predicted to be cold and rainy, with snow down to 3000 ft.  I haven't been in the snow in about 10 years and I've not ever just been out for a pleasure run or hike.  

Today I felt like a little kid looking for snow the whole hike... and then finding it!  

A little rain, but OMG it's really snow!

Yahoo, we made it... it's snowing!

 Photo Op!

There were a whole slew of Bastards on today's training session.  Team Triple Trouble + Jackie stuck with three other teams until the Upper Winter Creek Trail fork when we stopped to adjust gear.  Next time we saw our fellow Bastards was at breakfast. 

Oh but they left us plenty of markers to make sure we didn't lose our way!

The morning was everything I could have possibly wanted... Good friends, great giggles, new adventures and the best...  Snow, snow, and more snow!

Until finally, we hit the Mt. Wilson Toll Road and the wind...

Okay enough snow, it's freaking COLD!

If the morning had ended right there, I'd have been perfectly content.  But the adventure had actually just begun.  We still had to get down and by that I mean off the scar and down the face of Jones Peak!

The scar looks so benign from town... it's not.  It's steep and full of  soft, slippery sand.  

Look mom, I'm sand surfing!

Phil knew our route and Jackie is half mountain goat, so the two of them ran ahead and led us down the most remarkable paths.

Every now and then we'd get a break in the clouds and realize that we were almost home!

I'm very glad I brought my camera this trip.  Only shot missing is one of the Mt Wilson Trail from the Jones Peak approach.  Oh well.  Consider it incentive for you to take the trip yourself!

Such an amazing day.  

Such an amazing life.  

So very thankful!

BTW... the shoes... 

Inov-8 Roclite 268

Hands down winner!

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