Thursday, May 2, 2013

From Indians to the Foundation

Roadkill's tired and glad tomorrow's a rest day!  Here's a recap of the week:

7 mile hike up to Orchard Camp, with 38# pack
No CrossFit - duh

No CrossFit - right calf super tight from Monday's climb
Arrogant Bastard training:
BASTARDS! Tonight's 6:30pm "It Pays To Be A Winner" will commence at Foothills Middle School in Arcadia. This is located at the top of 2nd Ave. in Arcadia. RSVP in comments...
Indian Runs... Just hearing those words can send a chill down Roadkill's spine.... This one was rough but not as bad as it would have been had we been climbing trails.  The workout consisted of teams of 6 indian running 300m on the track, then sprinting the last 100m, in a free for all.  Top three winners rest, while the losers do 10 push-ups... for a total of 8 rounds, with ZERO rest in between rounds.   Our teams all depend on who show up to practice, and this time I was teamed with almost all rabbits... Dave O, Beth C, Marleigh, Forrest C and Amy P. Indian runs are extra hard since I'm the slowest on the line because the rest can jog just under my sprint pace, which made the last few rounds in particular quite challenging... my apologies to Forest and Amy for getting vocal and my thanks to Dave O for being his wonderfully supportive self, as always.   I didn't make top three in any of the rounds and didn't max sprint to the finish, so I could save a smidgen of energy for the push-ups.  Maybe it's a form of sandbagging, but it was the only way I could keep up. The game ended with the top three winners of each team having to do 80 sit-ups... A minor balancing of the scales.  :-)

CrossFit... screwed up my timing and was too late to make class.  Not necessarily a bad thing given how tired my legs were.

CrossFit:  Z1 Day:
50 Lunges
25 GHD Hip Extensions
1 min left plank
50 Sit-ups
25 GHD Back Extensions
1 min right plank
800m Run
Completed one perfect round and called it a day - Bastard training tonight

Bastards! Tonight's 6:30pm practice will commence at the top of Grove in Sierra Madre with a jaunt up, up, and away through Bailey Canyon. Being your trail shoes and RSVP in the comments please...

Teams 3 and 4 got off easy... all we had to do was climb Bailey Canyon up to the Foundation and race back down... two miles up, two miles down.    I wasn't able to MapMyRun it, so I don't know the elevation gain, but it sure felt long and steep.  My team broke up almost immediately, there were too many different skill levels.  As we started to climb, everyone pulled away except Amy & Kathy and Forrest.  Amy and Kathy were in front of me the entire climb, but slowly pulled away, so that they hit the foundation about 2-3 minutes ahead of me.  Forrest was sweep, and got there about 2-3 minutes behind me.  Climbing is a big weakness for me, so it was good to practice!  On the way back down, I passed Kathy pretty quickly, but wasn't able to catch Amy, Lynn or Maggie.  They were all just too darn fast.   Approximate times:  Start 6:40 pm,  Foundation: 7:20, finish 7:42

On a side note... this was only my second time climbing Bailey, and my first time to the Foundation.  What a great place!  I need to take my meet-up gals up there.  Perfect place to take a break before heading back down again.  Now if I could just teach them to run down...

This was the PERFECT last day of training to get me ready for Sunday's race...

RUN THE VERDUGO'S 10k - 5k straight up, 5k right back down again... Last year Rose and I raced it and had a great time... I came in at 1:25:04.  According to the website, there's about 1735 gain over 3.3 miles, all fire road, so it'll be steep but still easier than tonight.  Sweet... We have  race times to beat from last year.  Wish us luck!

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