Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Hi there, miss me?

I didn't post last week because I didn't get in any AB training. Tuesday I had the Mt. Wilson Trail Race committee meeting and Thursday was rained out... although if it weren't for the lightening, it would have made for quite a wet and wild session!  I did get in a number of CrossFit sessions, but this is Roadkill's blog, so if I'm not running, it seems wrong to post.   

Being that this was my first run in a week, I was feeling super rusty. No doubt, last weekend's mountain conference didn't help with its late nights, marginal food and only a few short hikes for exercise.  However, the way I see it is the AB and all of my races are intended to enhance my life, just as are many other things I do... sadly they aren't all always compatible.  The conference being a big one that I wouldn't change any part of even if it did contribute to tonight's extra pain.

This week included CrossFit yesterday and today, along with speed work tonight...
Bastards! Tonight's 6:30pm practice will be a little "Speed Session" and light on elevation and volume due to the upcoming race this Saturday. Please meet St. Rita's with your street shoes and plenty of fluids. It will be hot today...RSVP in comments.

The training consisted of 2-3 rounds of 2-mile repeats from St Rita's to SAR & back.  One of our new Bastards Jean came out to practice and wanted to pace off of me because she's been nursing issues with her calves and wanted to go easy.  It was quite a pleasure to have her for a running buddy, even though she will be much faster once she finishes acclimating to training.

Round One - I reached the turn around point in 8:12 and finished the second mile in 18:55.  Thanks Carrie for noticing on the return that I was running too upright and not taking advantage of any ankle lean.  I fixed it on the second round and while it helped, it wasn't enough to salvage the time.

Round Two - I reached the turn around point in 9:21 and finished the second mile in 20:46.  Based on how tired I was after the first round, I warned Jean that I would likely be slower and to not hang out if she felt strong.  She wasn't at all interested in running faster being far more focused on caring for her calves.  I guess it was with good reason because she felt something go awry with her left calf when we were not more than about 100 meters from the finish.  I had intended to keep running and she tried to keep running with me, but was just making her situation worse and finally had to walk, so I opted to walk with her. We were maybe 50 meters shy of the finish and I felt it more important to support our new member and my impromptu running buddy, then race the last few meters.  Feel free to call me a slacker.  

On a side note...  Right from the beginning of the second round I felt a side stitch (something I never get anymore) and it wouldn't let up even with all my known methods for solving them.  Then Jean gave me a really odd tip to stop it...  stretch my arm over my head while running.  Sounds bizarre, but it immediately released the spasm in my diaphragm and it never came back. Very cool and I highly recommend trying it if you get side stitches now and then.   

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