Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Roadkill's Shit Storm

Saturday is almost upon us, right?  So, last Thursday night Erik and Joyce tell me they are running the Qualifier early... last night to be exact.  The same evening someone (I don't recall who) said that veterans can run the qualifier any time up to one week before and one week after the actual date.  I even heard someone say we could clock ourselves.  So, what did I do with all this information?  I decided to run it with Joyce and Erik and I asked Julie, Kathy and Lynn if they wanted to join us.  We all figured worst case scenario, we don't qualify Tuesday night and we come back out on Saturday to do it again.

But, I also figured it would be much easier if we just held our AB Tuesday night practice on the course so the whole team would be together.  So I asked Coach, and was told in n.o uncertain terms that the only day to qualify for the team was on Saturday unless it was impossible to run it that day.  Since I am able to run on Saturday there was no reason for me to break training Tuesday night.  I emailed Joyce, Erik, Julie, Kathy and Lynn to let them know I wouldn't be there.  That apparently created quite the shit storm back to Eric from people questioning the veteran qualifier rules.  He even felt the need to reiterate the rules last night at practice.  Jeez, I definitely know how to stir up the muck.

Aw well, what I did do since I have no idea if anyone from the red team will even be there on Saturday was call in the big guns... Kendall is going to pace me again. Yay!  Why?  because as Coach said yesterday, I have zero self confidence in my ability to qualify for the team on my own.  He's right.  I was willing to pace off my teammates, but since I can't guarantee any of them will be there that morning, I don't trust myself to be able to pull it off on my own. Maybe by July I will, but not yet and that's just the truth.  However, with Kendall barking at my heels, I'm pretty confident I can pull it off as long as I don't do anything too stupid between now and Saturday morning!

Training recap:
Monday - CrossFit - 15 Snatch Balance @ 35#, 75 DB Walking Lunges w/10#, 10 Weighted Pull-ups (negatives w/16#), 75 V-ups - This was the first time I've done a snatch balance in at least 18 months, felt good... as long as I stayed light.  As for the walking lunges, yeah it was only with little 5# weights, but it was only three months ago when I couldn't even do a walking lunge least of all a weighted one... I'll take the baby step.

Tuesday - CrossFit (9am) - 12 Split Jerks (got up to 80#), 40 Bench Press (got up to 55#), 30 Dips (lower outs), 80 sit-ups.

Enter Tuesday night...
Bastards! Tonight's 6:30pm practice will commence at St. Rita's in Sierra Madre. We'll be on the street this evening to prep for this weekend's Time Trial. RSVP in comments...

Sounds benign enough right?  Ha!  Here's the result from our leaders:
Distances for tonight's loops: Small = .45, Medium = .53, Large = .67, and Extra Large = .85. All loops = 2.5 miles. As well, each loop had 20 dips, 20 push-ups, and 20 sit-ups. 60 reps per loop = 240 reps per complete cycle. Raymond = 2 complete loops sub 60 min. = 5 miles and 480 reps. AWESOME. List your distance and reps to comments...

Had I seen this coming I'd have passed on half of the morning work, but in hind sight, I'm very glad I didn't because I was able to hold my own throughout the evening... in my last place Roadkill sort of way!

RK Results:  4 miles & 360 reps... next closest to me was Marleigh with 4 miles and 420 reps... I think everyone else has another lap on us.  Oh and the highlight of the night... 10 days of pet sitting are over and I got to sleep in my own bed, always a bonus. :-)

Welcome Wednesday morning CrossFit!
15 Deadlifts (got to 155 - just over BW), Moderate Effort Power Clean (stopped at 85# which was actually closer to 80-85%).  Followed by a conditioning piece that I considered not doing, but opted in for at the last minute (I ADORE power cleans):

5 power cleans (60#)
200m Sprint
Time: 9:18

It was great fun!  I raced my buddy and our old AB veteran Kelley Johnson through the WOD and was hot on her heels for the last round, finishing not even a second behind her.  I am so looking forward to having her back on the team next week!

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