Saturday, April 6, 2013

Roadkill's Week In Review

So, I'm pet sitting for friends and the gig is taking up my free time in the evenings, hence the lack of posting.  Here's the synopsis... I'll try to keep in brief!

Monday - missed training, couldn't get my act together fast enough - 7 animals take serious time to care for!

Tuesday - CrossFit in the morning (push press, bench, dips & planks) followed by AB training in the late afternoon.  I had the MWTR committee meeting that night, so I did my AB training solo:

"It's all track work this week.  400m efforts 7x rest x 6 efforts"

OMG ugh!  I went to Foothills Middle School at 5:00, figuring this was going to take close to 90 minutes with 7x rest.  Results were:

I took 10:00 rests in between each effort, it was all the time I could allow.  It's wasn't enough.

1:43 - stop - 5 seconds swing was too much degrade to bother with two more rounds

Wednesday - CrossFit - Deadlifts, Burpees and 200m Sprints

Thursday - No CrossFit - AB Training:
Bastards! Tonight's 6:30pm practice will commence at the Mt. Wilson Trailhead. This session is perfect for 36 hours pre-Derby Day 5k. RSVP in comments...
Yup, it was still speed work of a sort... we were given an assortment of choices and allowed to pick our own combination:
3xs 1 CC mile
3xs Razorback Loops
4xs Mira Monte Loops
Joyce, Lynn, Dawn and I chose one of each, starting with Razorback, then the mile and ending with an 800m loop.  That was the first time I've ever gone up Razorback and down the back of it.  It's no easier in either direction, but it was definitely great fun!

Friday - REST DAY

Saturday - DERBY DAY 5k

I went back in my photos and cross searched Athlinks...  Check out this photo from my first Derby Day  in 2007... in our bootcamp shirts.  Ha!  Our world has certainly changed since 2007...

Here are my stats from Athlinks:

2007 - 27:49
2008 - missed - same weekend as Great Race of Agoura
2009 - 26:06
2010 - 26:35
2011 - 35:06
2012 - 32:32
2013 - 28:15 on my watch.  My split times were about 9:15, 9:15 and 9:45.  I didn't think I fell off that much in the last mile, but my watch was functioning correctly, so it's gotta be close to those numbers.  We'll see exactly tonight when the times are posted.

I'd like to say I'm happy with my 28:15, but I'm really not.  I'm still a whole lot slower than I want to be and am definitely slower than I'm comfortable with going in to the qualifier next weekend. Oh well.

This week... perfect eating, perfect sleeping and trust my training!

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