Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tomorrow Starts A New Week!

This has not been a stellar week and my training has suffered accordingly...

Monday:  CrossFit:
Front Squat - 5x5 increasing load.  I stopped at 55# and just practiced technique.  Followed by Negative pull-ups and wall walks, ending with 10 minutes of 90 single-unders, 20 wall balls, 10 negative pull-ups.  Based on my results, not even close to recovered from Ragnar and should have just slept in. 

CrossFit - Coach used me as example for mental discipline on choosing loads for lifts, and not letting fear dictate performance. Power Clean 2,2,1,1 - Missed my last lift, increased the weight too high.  Followed by Deadlift TnG 3x3, same thing missed last round, beyond current strength level.  Followed by: 5 RFCO of 10 Russian KBS w/53# and 10 Box Jumps.  Used 20in box, jumped solid without incident.  Learned some things in the afternoon that made me super sad and simply took me out of the game.  Skipped AB Training

CrossFit - 12 rounds: Row 30 sec at 85% effort, 30 sec at 50% effort.  Rest as needed.  12 rounds: Airdyne 30 sec at 85% effort, 30 sec at 50% effort.   This was a good session for me, almost completely brainless and solo.  Just what I needed to relieve some angst.  (BTW... our Satan's Tricycle is truly a horrific torture device!)

CrossFit - Z1 - run, push-ups, dips, ring rows, pull-ups, sit-ups.  Stopped at 20 minutes.  Duty called. Head still not in the game.  Skipped AB Training & Team Meeting

CrossFit: Build to a heavy single - Power Snatch - Hit 65#  Skipped the rest.

AB Training - East bound Grandview Loop - 4.8 miles, 50:35 time.  First time I'd run in a week, hadn't properly fueled or hydrated, checked historical times, or even knew training in advance.  Someone I usually beat, creamed me by almost 3 minutes.   I definitely have better ability than I displayed on this run. 

Hike up to Henninger Flats (from the bridge) with friends, toting a pack with 4 liters of fluid and food. It was hot and slow (1300ft gain, in 2.7 miles) ... there were 14 of us and at least I was far from the back of the pack for once.  Took us four hours round trip moving at a super leisurely pace.  This was just a taste of what next month's Grand Canyon trip will be like... the climb out of the canyon will be about 3500ft gain in about 4 miles and occur after a day of super hot hiking over about 15 miles with full packs.  No doubt it will also be a bit hotter, but hopefully not too much.  Yahoo, good times coming!

So, I've said my head took me out over and over through the week.  I'm not one of those people who is very good at compartmentalizing their feelings, especially when sad, which means it spills all over my every day life.  This week it affected my sleep, training, eating and friendships (I can become quite antisocial and withdrawn.)  The good thing is that I am nothing if not resilient and a little time and distance makes anything easier.

Tomorrow starts a new week and it opens at 8am with a fully loaded pack hike up to Orchard Camp with Trish Reda.  Should be a very good giggle!

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