Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Being a Bastard

It's 9am Wednesday morning and I find myself in bed blogging.   Last night's AB training session was by far the hardest yet and I'm definitely feeling my age at the moment...

BASTARDS! Tuesday's 6:30pm practice will be short and well, remember that this Thursday (8pm) will be our first end-of-the-month business meeting for 2013. We'll be voting in a few new members, celebrating Road Kill and That Guy, as well as discussing the new Mt. Wilson Trail Training. Tonight we will meet at the northeast corner (the canon monument) of Sierra Madre's Memorial Park along Sierra Madre Blvd., just east of Lima. RSVP here if you're attending practice...

"Short and Sweet"... are you kidding me?!  Warm up was a two mile run from the canon down to the track at Pasadena High followed by a one mile time trial, then a two mile run home.  The catch... we were teamed in unlike fitness abilities, and I got Tom Augustin.  

The upnote is that Tom is such an easy going and wonderful man, that he just settled in to my snail's pace and chatted with me there and back.  Like Eric, he has a gift for taking my focus off my discomfort and keeping me moving.  We were still last arriving at the track, which meant that I got a whole minute rest before the time trial.  I had a problem getting my watch started and had to estimate my finish time, based off of my recorded laps, and can conservatively say I was under 8:30, and am almost positive it was actually closest to 8:22.  Remarkable to me given the run over.  

When I finished my mile, the whole team was waiting on the track to high-five me through their tunnel.  It was very cool, and I know that even though I'm the slowest on the team, I am also still very much a part of it.  The problem with being last, is you get no rest, and as soon as I crossed the one mile line, everyone grabbed their stuff, and we were running back.  Ugh.  Somehow, I was also able to run the entire distance back, although my left ankle was getting super sore and stiff.  I didn't roll it or anything, so I'm pretty sure it was just my technique deterioration that was causing it.

As I was driving home, Dave O pulled up along side me at a signal... I rolled down my window, said I was tired, and he agreed it was one rough workout.  It seems he was teamed with Eric, which meant he was pushing super hard the whole time too.  Then he said "The good thing is you're now a Bastard, the bad is you're now a Bastard". I love Dave.  He's been a bud of mine since I joined the community and I adore being on the same team with him.

I know down to my toes that this team is by far the hardest personal endeavor I've taken on since I started the whole fitness game in 2006.  And just like then, I know down to my toes that if I just thicken my skin and hang on, it will get easier with time.  

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