Thursday, January 31, 2013

Meeting of the Arrogant Bastards...

As I write this I realize that I've neglected to take a photo of myself in my new AB jersey. Drat!  I had to order it online, then have Perla's mom remove the sleeves and tailor it a bit.  Tonight was the first night I got to wear it, so I overkilled it by wearing it to both train and to the monthly team meeting.  Ah well, I can definitely say I like running in it, at least in cool weather!

BASTARDS...tonight's 6:30pm practice will begin in Monrovia Library Park along Myrtle. Immediately following practice we'll head over to T. Phillips Alehouse for our end-of-the-month business meeting. Lots of topics to cover this month. Be in your Jersey for the meeting or pay a fine. RSVP in comments as to which or both events you'll be attending.
So tonight looked relatively easy... Break in to ability groups (we had Linda Z leading our pack, with Joyce, Julie, Lynn, Marleigh and Roadkill), and as a team take a one mile climb up Myrtle to the T, with 10 walking lunges at every intersecting street.  Sounded easy enough, until I got about half way up and found my legs weren't quite as recovered from Tuesday as I had thought.  Marleigh was a trooper and hung back with me through the climb, with the rest of the team pausing at every other crossing.  All in all, we made it to the top right about the same time as the rest of the teams (who all had more lunges, equaling us out).

The return trip was every woman for herself in a race back to Foothill.  Again, Roadkill in the rear, but not by more than a few car lengths.  Thanks Julie, for checking and keeping me on her heels.  When we hit Foothill it was the coolest... we all had a minute chance to catch our breath which revived me enough to race along side them the rest of the way back to Library Park.  Too much fun.  I adore these gals and really look forward to the day when I'm running at their sides and not chasing them... and the day WILL come, of that I have no doubt.

So, my first team meeting... these Bastards sure know how to pack themselves in to a room!  T Phillips gave us the private room but we were still overflowing.  Now, understand I'm not naturally an outgoing gregarious person and when in a new environment am most comfortable taking a corner seat near a friend, watching the hoopla and just interjecting as I settle in.  Eric knows this about me and just loves to push me right in to the center of things whenever he gets an opportunity... like tonight.

Being a newbie and last female to place, I got to stand up and be publicly christened "Roadkill" with a stern warning to all Bastards that my birth name could not be spoken while I held the fine position of last place in the qualifier, which means at least April.  And the penalty for calling me Kellie... they have to buy Eric a beer, because I don't drink.  LMFAO!  That was hysterical and I gotta tell you, I love it.  I love the name Roadkill, I love everything about it.  Roadkill means that I made the grade on to one seriously tough ass team and that's all I care about.  So, I'll wear my new name proudly until April, and then we'll see if anyone wants to step up and try to take it from me.  :-)

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