Friday, January 18, 2013

Brain dumping..

So much to write, so little time to write it...

On Jan 10, I celebrated 10 years sobriety. A milestone that means so little to some and so much to others. I'm one of the others and given my years 7&8 am very grateful to still have my seat.

On Jan 12th, I ran the Arrogant Bastards qualifier for the 4th in a year. This time was different. I trained on the course for a month, used pacers and ate race fuel (hammer gel) before the event. I qualified with a 33:05, making it under cut off by 5 seconds, and earned the dubious honor of the title "Roadkill". No one was more surprised than me to hear my finish time. Now I just need to make practices and keep getting faster. I've added my race list to the blog to keep track of the rest of the year's goals.

1/14 I joined TCA's 90 day Paleo Challenge, testing in with weight at 149.85 and BF at 33.5%. My goal is to test out at 28%. Wish me luck. It should be perfectly manageable as long as I stay clean and manage my stressors.

1/16, took my first of 4 cakes at the PG home group. Got more compliments on wearing a short dress than I've ever gotten in my skirts. Note to self: showing a little silhouette and leg is ok.

1/17 set myself up for a painful reality check. Had asked a normie to give me a cake last night. First time I've ever gone out of the rooms but figured 10 was so huge that my outside community would also think so. Nope, they just don't get it.  Oh well, move on as Hilda would say.

My party is scheduled for 2/9 at WOL. I went back out on a limb and asked my brother, sister in law, and dad to give me the cake. My brother and his wife said yes emphatically and immediately started talking about paleo friendly cakes. Maybe my cynicism is unwarranted at least with natal family.

One thing I did learn at last Sunday's discussion with Dallas Hartwig was that humans thrive best with close communities of about 20 people. If we split our communities we are not fully invested in either one. Welcome to my world. I'm slowly seeing how different my two worlds are and beginning to judge their value differently than ever before. Maybe more on those thoughts another day.

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