Friday, March 8, 2013

OMG It's Really Happening!

We are backpacking the Grand Canyon - Rim to Rim!!!!

We have inked the dates to hike the Grand Canyon from May 17th until May 21st. We are going to hike down the South Rim, stay overnight down in the canyon, hike back out to the North Rim, camp there overnight, spend the third day shuttling back to South Rim and sightseeing, then drive home on Tuesday the 21st.  (Yes, I know it's the same weekend as F2F and the week before MWTR, but logistically, this was the optimal weekend, so I'll F2F next year, and just do my best at Mt. Wilson.)

Next task is to secure our hiking permit and night reservations.  Jane our wonderful Project Manager has already started handling those gritty necessities and her amazing hiking husband Dave is going to help us select the best routes and gear choices.  We are in absolutely GREAT hands with these two awesome people in our group!

So far, there are five of us going... Dave & Jane, Trish, Maggie and myself.  We still have room for up to three more people, so if this backpacking trip has been on your to-do list for as long as it's been on ours, get to me quick and you're very welcome to join us!

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