Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday Track Torture

Yahoo, I love these days!

Bastards! 6:30pm practice on BOTH Tuesday and Thursday will be located at Arcadia High School Track. Bring your watches, water, and tunes if you use them. We have a few breakdowns to complete tonight...RSVP in comments if you are attending.

Or at least I did until I read the goal of the beginners 800m... 3:40.  Holy Smoke!  That number immediately sent an icy chill all the way down to my toes.

My results were a mixed bag...

3:49, 1:44, :43
3:48, 1:39, :42 - Julie was hot on my heels this entire round, which was almost puke inducing for us both!
3:57, 1:42, :43

Obviously I missed all three 800m efforts but actually got closer than expected, although I did fall off pretty bad on the third round.  Even still, I managed to smash all the 400m efforts and completely destroy the 200m sprints... bringing me in to the intermediate range, which is rather cool!  Now if I can only pick up my speed on the longer distances... Patience Grasshopper.

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