Saturday, February 9, 2013

Carrots vs Sticks

I've already written that Coach recommended I perform the beginners training for Mt. Wilson.  That meant that today's training was 2 x 2mile loops with equal rest in between.  No problem. In fact, cake.  I had momentarily even considered asking to perform the intermediate's course this am (3 x 2mile loops), but have learned the lesson about breaking training protocols.  

So, I go out to the truck this am and it's covered in a layer of ice.  Seriously.  It was still in the low 30's... OMG it was COLD!  I'd worn enough layers to not be freezing but I still knew at least the first round was going to be rather uncomfortable.

We all started at random times and my first loop was completely solo, but I caught Lynn at the beginning of the second mile... at least for a few seconds, then she pulled away again.  Split 10:30, finish 19:12
Rest 17 minutes

The second pass wasn't easier but it was more comfortable since it had started to warm up a bit.  I started off this one with Amy and managed to stay on her heels until the second half when she pulled away on the descent... I really need to work on my downhill racing.  Split 10:15, finish 19:01

So that was it... done.  I hung out for awhile and watched my friends start their third round.  When Amy and Carmen decided to leave after running their two laps, I figured I'd go with them and maybe join them for breakfast.  As we were walking to the corner I hear "ROADKILL, where are you going?  You still have another round!"  I tried to explain to Coach that I was in the beginner group, to which he answered "Not Today" and asked my last time.  Then he smiled and said I needed to beat my last time or go a fourth round.  Oh jeez.  Not only wasn't I mentally prepared for three, four would have truly sucked.

The good thing was I had already rested plenty, knew I had more in my tank, and knew I could rise to the challenge.  I just needed to shift my perspective and go.    When I passed the first mile 10 seconds ahead of the last time, I started reflecting on how I'm just one of those people who responds better to sticks than carrots.  Tell me I'll win something like a medal rarely motivates me, but tell me I'll lose something I value or have to endure extra suffering and I'm motivated like crazy to avoid it... the stick.  I love it.  After six years, Eric knows me very well and exactly how to get my attention.  It worked yet again.  Split 10:05, finish 18:50

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