Sunday, February 17, 2013

Loving Razorback Ridge

This morning Mount Wilson Trail Race training for beginners was one round of Kersting Court up Razorback Ridge and back down again... for completion.  Eric assigned me the extra task of making it max effort for time.

Now, I adore Razorback.  It was the first official trail Eric introduced me during that original cycle of bootcamp back in 2006.  Since then, I've run that quarter mile of dirt at least 30-40 times so it no longer has the power to scare me.  Which gave me a slight advantage today over a couple of my teammates.

There were about ten beginners this week and I led us at the start, but by half way up Baldwin Parker had passed me moving strong and steady (I'd say the man has just about regained his wind!) Sachiko caught me just before the stairs (she has a truly relentless lower gear), then I found Haddy hanging on my heels for the real climb.  Parker passed us on his return while we were still about 50 meters from the top and he was flying down.  He is one scary dude with his history and total lack of fear!

Once I started back down, none of the gals could stay with me. Again, I don't think it's necessarily that I'm such a fast down hill runner (because I'm not!), it's just that I'm very experienced with that particular trail.  As a side note, this was the first time a shoe lace has come undone while running, which is really unnerving! But I was just positive Sach was hot on my heels so I didn't dare stop.  Good thing, because she was!

Bottom line:

Parker 26:19
Kellie  30:28
Sachiko  31:00 (approx)
Haddy  32:30 (approx)
Colleen, Alex and 3-4 other runners all came in at later times

Afterwards, Haddy and I were cooling down and I asked her what happened to her.  She said she got a side stitch and was just slow.  That is so not true... I reminded her that she simply hasn't focused on this sport, and as soon as she figures out how to breathe and runs consistently, she will be a trail terror.  Just like she is in the gym... I have no doubt that the day will come in the not too distant future when she will be unstoppable.

Such a Fun, Fun, Morning... only way it could have been better would have been to repeat it!

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