Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Saved By Track Work

So, I came in to Tuesday dreading the AB workout post because I knew I'd set myself up for major pain.  I had completely derailed my paleo eating on Saturday night for the pleasure of a fabulous first date... tortilla, popcorn, Dips ice cream, and three bites of a cinnamon roll.  By Sunday morning I was hip deep in regret and fear of Tuesday night.  I kept having these nightmares of uphill indian runs with only the fastest racers for teammates (thank you Perla, so very much!)  Coach saved me by posting track work.  Yahoo, I love track work!!!

BASTARDS....this week we come back out of the hills and hit Arcadia High School Track. BOTH Tuesday AND THURSDAY night's 6:30pm practices will be at AHS on Campus, west of Santa Anita. Please try to park as close to the east-side of the track and gather by the Pole Vault Crash Pad. Water, Watches, and Tunes may be helpful tonight...RSVP in comments!

Tonight I was really hoping we would have independent time hacks of some sort, since I was really doubtful of my performance ability 48 hours post Dips...  Here's what we actually found waiting for us:

Warm up
Two rounds of:
100m run + 20 walking lunges, 100m run + 20 squats, 100m run + 20 push-ups, 100m run + 20 high knees
Unsurprisingly, my push-ups sucked.

Work out:
three rounds of:
400m walk + 400m jog + 1600 Timed Run
No rest in between rounds
Goal 5 second window for each timed run - 5 burpee penalty for each second outside window
My Result:  8:43, 8:42, 8:42

I was again the last Bastard to finish the workout, but that's the really the norm and actually how it should be, so my self-consciousness is starting to fade.  Now, I'm not crazy about burpees, especially after five miles of running, but I also disdain sand bagging, so I wanted to make sure that I set a mile pace that wasn't easy but also wouldn't leave me destined for burpees hell at the end.  I'm happy with my 8:40 range... it is still slow by AB standards but substantially faster that the 10:00 minute 1-mile Time Trials I was barely able to achieve this time last year.

As for the food sabotage, done and dusted.  We already have two more dates planned, so it's time for me to set good habits and introduce her to my way of eating.  This Friday night we're going back to the movies and I'll be packing our snacks... bottled unsweetened fizzy water with baggies of coconut flakes, roasted pecans, dried cranberries and chopped grass fed jerky.   I can't wait!

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