Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Out of sync and punch drunk

Ever have one of those weeks where you're just out of sync with everything and everyone around you?  This is one of those weeks when the best I can do is just try to roll with the punches and apologize for punching back... especially when I hit the wrong person.

Monday... took a much needed rest day to recover from a super busy weekend and Sunday Chinatown.  Taking off a Monday is something I rarely do and it apparently set the tone for the week...

Tuesday... First, I'd wanted to do the AB training in the morning because I had an unbreakable commitment that night.  But, Coach vetoed the plan since the team was going to be helping with trail maintenance.  So I decided to CrossFit train in the morning, but ironically had to stop that no sooner than I had started.

Not an auspicious beginning to the week.

Today, opened quiet at the Academy so I opted to do yesterday's CrossFit training.  It was all arms, back and shoulders, including a couple exercises I'd never done. Powell Raises... who'd have thought a mere 5lb dumbbell could feel so freaking heavy by only the 3rd round!   AND, who came up with the torturous idea of "legless" airdyne sprints???   It was a very good session as my arms are still reminding me.

Then the day completely derailed and by late afternoon I found myself desperately needing to get in to the mountains... so with only an hour of daylight remaining I hit the Bailey Canyon trail with the goal of seeing how far I could get in 35 minutes. Of course it felt like I'd been hiking forever and must be just shy of the top, but when I checked the map tonight, I wasn't even close.  I had stopped just short of the final round of switchbacks, not quite two miles and still about 1.5 miles from Jones Peak.   NEXT TIME!

However, stopping early left me time to commune with the mountain and still make it down in time for an appointment.  (Thanks to Hope for suggesting the jacket and headlamp... I ended up using them both on the way down.)  Thankfully, the mountain worked it's magic as it always does and my head is quiet and ready to close the week still completely out of sync, but at least no longer punch drunk.

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