Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fountain to Sampson

BASTARDS! Tonight's 6:30pm practice will begin at Monrovia's Library Park. We'll take a quick jaunt up to the Waterfall in a practice of the F2F Course...then head to our End-Of-The-Month Business Meeting. If you can't make practice, but want to attend the meeting then head to Matt Denny's Alehouse in Arcadia by 8pm. We'll touch base about a few topics, then get a few small items out of the way. RSVP for one, the other or both in comments. Be in uniform or pay your fine...

Egad!  Fountain to Falls is a 7 mile race with some decent elevation gain.  The idea that Roadkill would consider that a "quick jaunt" is stretching the imagination just slightly.  Then Coach let us off the hook by saying we had a 60 minute cut off so that we'd be able to make the month-end meeting on time.  Whew!

Hearing the cut-off, plus having both Lynn and Kathy running with me relieved a huge amount of anxiety.  We all took off  together and the three of us hung pretty close through most of the climb out.  Granted I walked far more than they did, but I still stuck behind them, only falling back a bit on the steeper areas. You think it might have helped that Eric and Dawn were pulling sweep right behind me???

Eric was on his watch and called us to turn back at 7:05, but we were so close to reaching Sampson that  Kathy and Lynn wanted to keep running until we reached the bear, which Lynn said was right around the curve.  I'm such a sucker for peer pressure that I joined them and darn that Lynn, she lied!  It was more like four curves and took us another five minutes.

We had started at 6:30 and tagged Sampson's nose at 7:10, leaving us only 20 minutes to get back to the park, which meant hustle.  I love downhill running and like to dream that I may slowly be getting faster because I actually pulled away from the girls. That's the first time that's happened! I arrived back at the park at 7:32, about three minutes ahead of them.  Now, according to Lynn they had to stop to tie their shoe laces... Hmm, could be or could it be that Lynn is just a compulsive liar?  (lol! Totally kidding my friend!)  Round trip was 5.5 miles with about 1000ft of gain.

BTW... I checked Athlinks for my Fountain to Falls race time last year... 1:20:52.  I have some serious work ahead of me before May!

As for the month-end business meeting... Matt Denny's has my vote hands down!!!

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