Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Warm Crow...

They say that when eating crow, it is best served warm...

I walked in to work this morning to find myself the recipient of a severe tongue lashing including being called the hated term sandbagger.

I completely misunderstood yesterday's workout. The miles were supposed to each be One Mile Time Trials. It doesn't matter how or why I misinterpreted his words, the bottom line is that I did not apply maximum effort to at least my first mile, hence earning the title sandbagger.

Eric explained that the whole purpose of all 12 monthly training sessions is to apply maximum effort, unless specifically told to perform at a different level (ie. 85%, Z1, etc) and that by my pacing myself I had completely wasted one of only 12 training sessions available in a month.

That's bad, but even worse is knowing that I wasn't the only one and that at least two other Bastards followed my example.

When I joined this team I promised Coach and myself to always finish, never cut corners, and lead by example. This is not the example I intended and I am ashamed at having it now on my record.

My sincerest apologies to my Coach and my teammates, I will do better.

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